Attention to detail reminiscent of a bygone era

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Our 1/32 promise:
a commitment to

At Diamond, we’re not just about building structures; we’re passionate about crafting them with the utmost care and precision. Our team lives by the motto, “we measure in 1/32 of an inch” – that’s how much attention to detail matters to us. From the first estimate to the final brushstroke, our skilled artisans and pros are all about precision. We choose top-notch materials and pair them with superior craftsmanship to build not just buildings, but durable, beautiful, and truly exceptional works of art. Every project we take on is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence, ensuring our clients receive nothing but the best.



We are deeply committed to sustainability, recognizing it as a cornerstone of our responsibility to both the environment and future generations. Our approach integrates eco-friendly practices where possible throughout all phases of construction, from planning to execution. We prioritize the use of sustainable materials, strive for energy efficiency, and focus on reducing waste and emissions. Our commitment extends to educating our team and clients about sustainable practices, products and materials, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds environmental standards. By embedding sustainability into our core values, we aim to contribute positively to the community and the planet, while delivering high-quality buildings that stand the test of time.

400 years of combined experience

Our construction team stands out with a formidable ensemble of skilled craftsmen, vigilant superintendents, and seasoned professionals, collectively bringing over 400 years of experience to the table. This wealth of knowledge is evident in every project we undertake, assuring precision, excellence, and unmatched expertise. Our team's diverse background contributes to a rich tapestry of skills and insights, enabling us to tackle complex projects with confidence and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Tried and tested techniques

Our construction team's approach is grounded in tried and tested techniques, refined and perfected over our collective 400 years of experience. These methods, honed through decades of hands-on work in the field, encompass a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, our continuing education, and our steadfast commitment to quality and durability. This fusion of time-honored practices with contemporary construction technologies ensures we consistently deliver projects that are not only structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and forward-thinking.

Highest quality materials

At the heart of our construction philosophy is a commitment to using only the highest quality materials. This unwavering dedication ensures that every structure we create is not just visually striking, but also exceptionally durable and sustainable. By selecting premium-grade resources, we are able to enhance the longevity, functionality, and overall value of our projects, delivering an end result that stands the test of time.