A transitional craftsman-style home in the hills of Happy Valley

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Ken Hertel
Terry Camp
LMK Interiors

This transitional craftsman-style new home, beautifully disappears into the hills of Happy Valley. Diamond, after working through a contentious approval, helped engineer the home to affordably rest atop a pier and grade-beam foundation. The result, is a clear feeling of home; a place where a family enjoys their most precious time together.

Established in Oakland by dedicated father Keith Stone in 1985, we carry forward a family legacy.

Purpose steers our actions, with a commitment to leaving a lasting positive impact and an uncompromising pursuit for the optimal solution. We take our clients on an emotional journey and we treat that responsibility very seriously.

Attention to detail reminiscent of a 
bygone era, defined by our 1/32 promise

We stand proudly behind our work